Transform Your Dog’s Behavior with Our Expert Training Programs

At All Canines Academy, our 1:1 training programs are designed to help you understand your dog better, improve your bond, and learn effective communication techniques. Our programs cater to dogs from adolescence to senior, using positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors. Whether you're looking to enhance your relationship with your dog or learn how to communicate more effectively, our training programs provide the tools and support you need. Plus, with our 'Text the Trainer' service via WhatsApp, ongoing help is always available when you need it.

Foundational Training Program

Duration: 8 weeks

4 Bi-weekly sessions

Cost: $500

Curriculum Highlights

  • Establishing a Marker: Teaching dogs to associate a specific sound or word with positive outcomes.

  • Name Recognition: Ensuring your dog responds to their name consistently.

  • Hand Targeting (Touch): Training your dog to touch their nose to your hand.

  • Eye Contact (Look): Encouraging your dog to maintain eye contact for better focus.

  • Impulse Control (Taking Treats Gently): Teaching dogs to take treats softly without snatching.

  • Mental Stimulation Exercises: Engaging activities to keep your dog's mind active.

  • Basic Petting Techniques: Proper ways to pet your dog to build trust and comfort.

  • Methods & Tools: Positive reinforcement communication techniques, clickers, choice-based learning.

  • Why You Need It: This program is essential for establishing a strong foundation of communication and trust between you and your dog.

  • Human Learning Focus: You'll learn effective ways to communicate with your dog using positive reinforcement.

Basic Manners Program

Duration: 6 weeks

3 Bi-weekly sessions

Cost: $400

Curriculum Highlights

  • Sit: Teaching your dog to sit on command.

  • Down: Training your dog to lie down on command.

  • Stay: Ensuring your dog stays in place until released.

  • Place: Teaching your dog to go to a designated spot and stay there.

  • Manners Inside and Outside the Home: Proper behavior in various environments, such as not jumping on guests or begging at the table.

  • Methods & Tools: Positive reinforcement, clickers for precise training.

  • Why You Need It: If your dog lacks basic manners at home or in public, this program will teach essential commands and behaviors to improve their overall conduct.

  • Human Learning Focus: You'll discover how to reinforce good manners and set boundaries, making your dog a well-behaved companion in various environments.

Reliable Recall Program

Duration: 6 weeks

3 Bi-weekly sessions

Cost: $400

Curriculum Highlights

  • Short-Distance Recall: Teaching your dog to come when called from a short distance.

  • Long-Distance Recall: Training your dog to come when called from a longer distance.

  • Recall Under Distractions: Ensuring your dog responds to recall commands even when distracted.

  • Conditioning a Whistle for Off-Leash Recalls: Using a whistle to signal your dog to return, useful for off-leash situations.

  • Methods & Tools: Positive reinforcement, whistle for recall training.

  • Why You Need It: A reliable recall is critical for your dog’s safety and your peace of mind. This program ensures your dog comes back to you even in distracting environments.

  • Human Learning Focus: You'll learn techniques to make your recall command irresistible to your dog, using positive reinforcement and consistency to build a dependable response.

  • Walking with Your Dog Program

    Duration: 8 weeks

    4 Bi-weekly sessions

    Cost: $600

Curriculum Highlights

  • Loose Leash Walking: Teaching your dog to walk politely on a leash without pulling.

  • Engagement and Focus During Walks: Ensuring your dog pays attention to you during walks.

  • Handling Distractions During Walks: Training your dog to stay focused despite distractions.

  • Enhancing the Overall Walking Experience (Excluding Leash Reactivity): Making walks enjoyable and safe for both of you.

  • Methods & Tools: Positive reinforcement, choice-based learning.

  • Why You Need It: Enjoyable walks are important for your dog's physical and mental health. This program addresses common walking issues, ensuring pleasant outings for both of you.

  • Human Learning Focus: You'll be taught how to handle distractions, maintain your dog’s focus, and encourage polite leash behavior, turning walks into a positive experience for both parties.

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Where do sessions take place?

Private Sessions, Puppy Classes, Seminars, and any other event held by All Canines will take place at The All Canines Academy, located at 4143 Main St. Phila PA, 19127.

Virtual sessions and/or Webinars will take place on either Google Meets or Zoom and a link will be sent out prior.

We do in-home sessions on a case by case basis.

Note: the cost of in-home does increase due to time and travel

How long do sessions last?

Our private training sessions are 1 hour long. We can also accommodate utilizing multiple hours if deemed appropriate for your dog and training plan.

Consultations can last up to 45 minutes long.

Puppy Classes are 1 hour long.

Educational Classes/Webinars will vary based on the content.

What is included in your packages?

Private 1-on-1 training

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