Canines for Kids

A Tail-Wagging Learning Journey!

Unleash the joy of learning with our "Canines for Kids" program, specially crafted for young learners aged 4 to 10. Thes unique courses, limited to just 12 seats, offers a fun and interactive way for children to discover the fascinating world of dogs.

🐾 Who It's For: Designed for children eager to learn about dogs in a fun, safe, and engaging environment.

🐾 Course Duration: Each 45 minute session is packed with hands-on activities.

🐾 What We Cover: Kids will learn how to approach and pet dogs safely, understand canine body language, and keep themselves safe around dogs. Plus, we answer all those curious questions kids have about their four-legged friends!

Canines for Kids is designed to educate children about the dogs that they live with. In these courses we teach about emotion and how our various actions and behaviors affect our dogs at home.

Kids will learn all about:

  • Best petting practices for all dogs

  • How human behaviors affect our dogs

  • Games that are safe for kids and dogs

  • How to best interact with unfamiliar dogs

  • Emotions and feelings our dogs experience

4143 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA

All Canines Academy

Address: 4143 Main Street Philadelphia PA, 19127


Where do sessions take place?

Private Sessions, Puppy Classes, Seminars, and any other event held by All Canines will take place at The All Canines Academy, located at 4143 Main St. Phila PA, 19127.

Virtual sessions and/or Webinars will take place on either Google Meets or Zoom and a link will be sent out prior.

We do in-home sessions on a case by case basis.

Note: the cost of in-home does increase due to time and travel

How long do sessions last?

Our private training sessions are 1 hour long. We can also accommodate utilizing multiple hours if deemed appropriate for your dog and training plan.

Consultations can last up to 45 minutes long.

Puppy Classes are 1 hour long.

Educational Classes/Webinars will vary based on the content.

What is included in your packages?

Private 1-on-1 training

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