Walking with your Dog

Join us at the All Canines Academy, on Main Street, for an in-person seminar designed to enhance your dog walking experience and address common challenges that many pet owners face. Whether you’re navigating the busy streets or enjoying a peaceful stroll in the park, walking your dog on a leash is an essential skill for both you and your furry friend.

Our seminar is designed for dog owners of all experience levels looking to improve their leash walking skills and build a stronger bond with their pet. With expert guidance and practical tips, you’ll leave equipped to tackle common walking challenges and enjoy a more rewarding walking experience with your dog.

Please leave your dogs at home. This course is designed to educate attendees and answer all questions without the added distraction of our dogs.

Where: All Canines Academy

4143 Main St Phila PA 19127

When: May 4th at 11:00am(est)

Cost: $25 per seat

  • Pulling & Loose Leash Walking: Learn techniques to prevent pulling and ensure a pleasant walk for both you and your dog. Discover the secrets to achieving a comfortable, loose leash walk that encourages your dog to stay by your side without constant tension.

  • Leash Reactivity: Understand the causes of leash reactivity and how to manage it effectively. We'll discuss strategies for reducing stress and anxiety that lead to reactive behavior, helping you and your dog enjoy more peaceful walks.

  • Meeting Other Dogs: Navigate the complexities of canine social interactions on walks. Gain insights into dog body language and social cues to ensure positive encounters with other dogs, reducing the risk of aggressive behavior.

  • Leash Biting: Address and correct leash biting behavior. Learn why dogs bite their leashes and how to redirect this behavior through positive reinforcement and training techniques.

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4143 Main St. Phila PA, 19127

4143 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA