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4143 Main St. Philadelphia PA, 19127

Coaching You Through All Your Canine Needs

Dog Training: Foundation, Basic Manners, Intermediate, Advanced Training

New Puppy: Proper Socialization, Crate Training, Potty Training, Puppy Basic Training, Bond Building

Aggression: Leash Reactivity, Dog-Dog Aggression, Dog-People Aggression, Bite History, Lunging & Barking

High Arousal: Jumping, Mouthing, Barking, Nipping, Fixation on Objects, Destruction of Objects

High Stress: Separation Anxiety, Sensitivities to things like Loud Noises, Physical Touch, Moving Objects

Preparing for the Vet & Groomers, New Adoptions and Foster Dogs,New Dog in Home, Preparing for a Baby, Much More!

Located on Main Street in Manayunk, PA

Voted 2022 & 2023 Philadelphia's Best Dog Trainer

Veteran Owned and Operated

Our Canine Coaching programs, lead by Mike Purcell, CPDT-KSA, have got you covered for all of your dog situations and behaviors. Mike and his team are dedicated to bringing you the best dog training and canine education. Whether we are working in our facility, in your home, or virtually All Canines is there to assist you and coach you. As a certified professional dog trainer, Mike has extensive education to go along with his years of experience; working with all canines, ranging from puppies to dogs with bite histories.

All Canines in the Community

At All Canines, we truly work with all canines. Many of those dogs have been adopted from rescues. We have heard all types of stories and worked with dogs with traumatic histories. Mike has been heavily involved with Philadelphia rescue organizations throughout the years. Currently, Mike is the conducting training classes for New Leash On Life USA, a Philadelphia "501(c) (3) non-profit that leverages the powerful bond between humans and dogs to restore hope, healing and well-being to transform lives." New Leash on Life is a hugely successful prison rehabilitation program offered in the Philadelphia prison system.